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Netflix is widely known for letting people watch unlimited TV shows and movies on their TV or PC streamed over the internet. If you live in Europe you might not have heard from Netflix because it's not that well known in there (you cannot use Netflix Canada in Europe yet), but in America almost everybody knows about the existence of Netflix. For Europeans, Netflix can be compared to the OnLive service, with the difference Netflix being aimed at TV shows and movies and OnLive being aimed at games.

Netflix Canada is the same as Netflix, but Netflix Canada  is specifically aimed at users in Canada, which results in faster internet speed for them because they are close to the Netflix Canada servers than to the Netflix servers.

Netflix Canada is extremely useful for people who would like to watch movies and TV shows on their computer or TV, but who do not want to go through the process of legally downloading a movie (which could take a very long time). The TV shows and movies Netflix Canada offers can also be watched on your TV by connecting your laptop or your gaming console with internet acces (Wii, PS3,XBOX360).

The only thing you need to start streaming movies with Netflix Canada is:

  • A target TV or computer (the one you are going to watch your movies and TV shows on)
  • Internet acces (Laptop, Wii, PS3, XBOX360)
  • Microsoft Silverlight (free to download)
  • A Netflix Canada subscription
Netflix Canada: What makes it different?
  • So what makes Netflix Canada unique compared to other producs that offer a similar service?
  • Netflix Canada is a service specifically aimed at Canadian users which results in faster speeds (less lagg) while watching your favorite movies and TV shows (for Canadians, that is).
  • You can watch online TV shows and movies by connecting your favorite gaming console to your TV (Wii, PS3 or XBOX360).
  • Unlimited movies and TV shows: there is no limit to the amount of videos you can watch with your subscription.
  • You don't need any boxes like you do when using OnLive.
Netflix Canada vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Netflix Canada)

One of the strongest competitors to Netflix Canada is a service called Blockbuster. There is a huge difference though which explains why Netflix Canada is by far more popular and Blockbuster stays in the background. Blockbuster does not stream it's movies over the internet, it delivers them to your door by mail within 1 to 2 business days. When delivered you can watch them and either return them to a Blockbuster store nearby, or exchange them for another movie.

Blockbuster does however do a couple of things better than Netflix does, for instance, Blockbuster has video games in store, which is a huge plus, also, Blockbuster has no due dates or late fees, so you will never have to worry about bringing a DVD to the store back in time. Choosing between these two services is a matter of personal preference, if you like to get your movies instantly streamed to you (possible lagg), go for Netflix. But if you like the feeling of holding a physical DVD in your hands, go for Blockbuster.

Also a very strong competitor to Netflix Canada is CinemaNow, CinemaNow is only available in the USA and Canada, for the time being, but they are working hard to get their service up and running in more countries. It works the same as Netflix, your movies are getting streamed to you over the internet, it is however a pity that CinemaNow does not seem to offer the currently popular films, which is a con.

Netflix Canada: Pricing & packages

Because all three services offer a similar service the pricing is one of the most important factors in deciding what service to choose.

Netflix Canada offers a basic subscription of $7,99 a month, with a free trial available, this only covers unlimited streaming over the internet. If you would like real DVD's delivered to you you could choose for plan 2, which is also $7,99 a month but does not cover streaming. You can also buy both plans for $15,98 a month.

Blockbuster also offers 2 different plans:

  • $9,99 a month (one DVD, Blu-ray or video game at a time).
  • $14,99 a month (two discs at a time).


  • $29,95/month $99,95/year: unlimited streaming (very expansive compared to Netflix)
  • Individual downloads (no subscription) from $1,99 to $14,95 (full movie).
Netflix Canada: Product images & screenshots
Netflix Canada Coupons
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Netflix Canada: Customer reviews & comments

"After seeing Netflix's offerings while staying with some friends in the US, it was truly disappointing to see how comparitively small the choice of viewing is for Canadians. An example is the UK TV Series, Survivors; available in the US but not in Canada. All of the shows I enjoyed seeing in the US come up as "not available" on the Canadian Netflix. Pricing in Canada is comparable to the US. I think our US friends are paying about a dollar more a month than the Canadian subscription. Again, it's disappointing when you compare to the US. I'm sure that it's licencing difficulties which prevents Netflix from making a lot of stuff which is normally available in the US, unavailable here. Too bad, really. And it's frustrating that there's no way of e-mailing Netflix to let them know that, if they had more of what I want to see available, I'd subscribe. Until then, I'm passing on Netflix." Comment at this link.

"Netflix Canada shows a lot of promise. It’s extremely easy to use and there’s no doubt that the video and audio quality are impressive by today’s standards for streaming video. Netflix could be great if they can add some more top tier films to their library but until that day comes, I’ll probably stay on the sidelines." review.

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Netflix is an online company offering consumers many options for watching videos. They were one of the first companies to launch a site with the concept of streaming videos straight to your computer anytime you want day or night.

You can also order movies and depending on your membership, they will send you at least one DVD-Blue Ray, or Traditional, for you to keep in your home for as long as you want. When you do return the video, the company will send you the next video on the list ... read more

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